Yuna's Ponytail Hairpiece CUSTOM-MADE (Item #: CA05)

Source: Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 Click for Reference Image
Item #: CA05
Price: US$40 (plus $6.50 for shipping/handling)
Description: Custom-made-to-YOUR-height, Yuna's Hairpeice Ponytail from Final Fantasy X-2
The Hair-tail is strechy, so if it is accidentally stepped on, it won't be wrecked, and you won't get choked! ^___^ (which are both good things lol)
The fabric at the end is hand-dyed for the gradient effect from White-to-Pink
100% Kanekalon (Top Synthetic Fibre Quality) Synthetic Hair is attached at the end! ^__^ You may choose from 3 colours: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black.

**NOTE: We may not have the colour you want, so ORDER ASAP! LIMITED QUANTITIES!!!**

The whole peice attaches to you with a clear-elastic band; you can tie it around your neck, or hook it onto your bra straps! Either way, it is DISCREET and the elastic is never plainly visible! ^_^

**BONUS! If you purchase a Yuna Ponytail, you can get the matching Pink Hoodie for just US$7.50 Extra! (Hoodie is sold regularly for US$15--You save 50%!!)**

Status: Very Limited Quantities. ORDER TODAY!