Garnet Til Alexandros Crystal Necklace (Item #: CA02)

Source: Garnet/Dagger from Final Fantasy IX Click for Reference Image
Item #: CA02
Price: US$25 Now on sale for US$20 (plus $5 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Large Crystal Pendant nearly identical to Garnet's in FFXI. This peice of costume jewelry is fanmade, and very beautiful. Many Garnet cosplayers lack a beautiful large pendant such as this. The crystal is lightweight and is fully-removable from the silver chain, if you wish to switch it. The Crystal's diameter is approximately 1.5" across, and is a bit over 2.5" tall.
Extra Info: You may also choose to purchase **just the crystal alone**. The crystal alone costs only US$12 (plus $3 for shipping/handling) Take advantage of this awesome deal today!
Status: Available