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Naruto Headband/Forehead Protector Cosplay Accesory

Source: Shinobi Ninjas of Naruto Click for Reference Image
Price: US$14 (plus $4 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Versatile design enables you to wear it however you want- JUST LIKE THE ANIME!
One-size fits all with the stretchy headbands! Just tie it on and you're set to go!
Our headbands feature 6 real metal "rivots" which makes the headband look authentic!
Status: Available--Order today!

Chobits Chii Ears Cosplay Accesory

Source: Chii-chan from Chobits Click for Reference Image
Price: US$16 (plus $6.50 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Lightweight and perfectly to scale, this is a pair of fanmade Chii Persocom ears. They are a perfect addition to any Chobit cosplay without having to spend a fortune on the official pair. (Hair Holders are available at request for $3/pair)
Status: Currently Available

Garnet Til Alexandros Crystal Necklace

Source: Garnet/Dagger from Final Fantasy IX Click for Reference Image
Price: US$25 Now on sale for US$20 (plus $5 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Large Crystal Pendant nearly identical to Garnet's in FFXI. This peice of costume jewelry is fanmade, and very beautiful. Many Garnet cosplayers lack a beautiful large pendant such as this. The crystal is lightweight and is fully-removable from the silver chain, if you wish to switch it. The Crystal's diameter is approximately 1.5" across, and is a bit over 2.5" tall.
Extra Info: You may also choose to purchase **just the crystal alone**. The crystal alone costs only US$12 (plus $3 for shipping/handling) Take advantage of this awesome deal today!
Status: Available

Naruto Kakashi Jounin Cosplay Patch

Source: Jounins of Konoha
Price: US$10 (plus $3 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: This is a professional-grade custom patch! It is 5" in diameter and is identical to Naruto! We only have a very limited number, order today!
Extra Info: FREE step-by-step application instructions are included! Also! If you purchase a Naruto Headband/Forehead protector you receive FREE SHIPPING FOR THE PATCH!
Status: Available--Order today!

Vash the Stampede Sunglasses

Source: Vash from Trigun Click for Reference Image
Price: US$8 (plus $5 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Yellow plastic lenses on metal frame. These glasses are similar to Vash's. USe them for cosplay, or for everyday wear.
Status: Currently Available

Rare Gundam the 8th MS Team Military Dogtag

Source: Gundam the 8th MS Team
Price: US$20 (plus $4 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Very Rare, Official military dogtag from the 8th MS Team Series
Status: Available-ONLY ONE LEFT!!!

Hitomi's Tarot Cards

Source: Vision of Escaflowne
Price: US$30 (plus $4 for shipping/handling)
Short Description: Incredibly Rare, Official Bandai 2001 set of tarot cards. THESE CARDS WERE NEVER FOR SALE IN STORES!!!
Status: Available-ONLY TWO IN STOCK!

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