About Dream-Angels.net:

We are 17-time award winning cosplayers who have decided to start a small business to earn some money for possible future road trips to non-local cons. We chose a different online alias to remain seperate and independant of our cosplay group for obvious privacy reasons. Of course eventually DreamAngel will be somehow linked to our cosplay group, but even then, we will continue to remain seperate from our group. (Because our online ventures are not a part of the cosplay group.)
Please respect our decision and right to retain our privacy. Thank you!

DreamAngel had been a recurring thought in our minds after finishing up a commission in October 2001. After a recent big success with the group costumes, followed by numerous requests for comissions for costumes and costume-parts; we finalized the DreamAngel plan.

DreamAngel Online and Auctions was first launched in the early summer of 2002, each of our past costumes have won 1 or more awards at our local respective anime conventions. We are a group of experienced costumers, we have won 17 awards within 4 years including 2 Best in Show Workmanship! So trust in our ability ^_^.

We are cosplayers before business-people, so please give us our due credit with commisions and orders. Also for more elaborate requests/auctions, we request a photo of you in the costume for us to add to our PhotoGallery. If a photo is requested of you, please be kind and follow through to send us one. Thank you. ^_^

The people behind DreamAngel are annoying perfectionists ^_~ So you can only expect high quality items from us. We use the best possible material(s) for a particular situation (ie availablity, durability, cost, and comfort). Thanks for visiting our website, and please continue coming back to look at what's new here. or you can sign up for our E-Mail News below:
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